Tobacco inndustry in pakistan

The Pakistan Tobacco Board, in collaboration with tobacco companies, holds meetings in the tobacco growing areas to inform the growers about the requirements of tobacco companies.

Legislation versus illicit trade Tobacco has been a major source of revenue through tax generation, employment, and foreign exchange for Pakistan. The tobacco board has specified the criteria for fixing prices.

It is the single biggest contributor of excise duty, six-times than that from cotton yarn. To make matters worse for the manufacturers, many consumers especially from low-income groups shifted to the illicit products which resulted in reduced sales of legally manufactured brands.

PTB, in collaboration with the growers and manufacturers is examining facilities of fabrication of cheaper versions of such barns locally which can be operated on C. Electronic Cigarettes Tobacco industry in Pakistan Smoking may not be good for health but it is certainly good for numerous national economies around the world, and Pakistan is no exception.

Earning per share after tax 2. He also suggested that price increases would help discourage smoking in the country. That indicates a huge amount of FDI flowing to the country. In Pakistan, 78 per cent of the retail price of premium brands all brands whose retail price is over Rs 10 per 20 sticks and 58 per cent of the retail price of low segment brands go toward taxation.

Overhead and Other Expenses He said that the manufacturers should be allowed to increase the prices of their products to better their revenues which are constantly threatened by massive smuggling.

This is due to the various health hazards associated with tobacco consumption. It, however, declined to say whether the factory would be completely shut down.

Smokers in Pakistan pay the highest tax in the world second only to Denmark and the UK where 85 per cent and 82 per cent of the retail price respectively goes toward taxation.

Dividend cover ratio The acquisition, however, does not appear to have turned out well. He blamed the high taxation as the singular most important incentive for cigarette smuggling. The company had been operating as a joint venture with the Lakson Group the parent company of Century Publications, the publisher of The Express Tribune until This shows that the market for tobacco industry is very immense locally.

Net profit margin 2. Published in The Express Tribune, March 4th, Smuggling is resulting in revenue leakage for the government. Therefore, we conclude that this sector will continue to flourish, regardless of the increasing concerns over the diseases caused by tobacco products.

It employs over one million people directly or indirectly which in terms of full-time equivalent jobs meansjobs supporting some 1. After discussions between the Board and other stakeholders like buyers, growers, dealers, etc.

Tobacco Inndustry in Pakistan

Despite this challenging environment, tobacco in Pakistan is expected to grow over the forecast period. The industry has to pay very high excise and sales tax while complying with various strict rules and regulations of the government.

Fixed assets net of accumulated depreciation Break-up value of ordinary shares in rupees The company did, however, state that it would be paying the laid off workers a severance package that would exceed the legal minimum requirements. Tobacco industry: Philip Morris feeling the squeeze in Pakistan the publisher of The Express Tribune) until In that year, the global company bought out.

Finance Report on Pakistani Tobacco Industry Background. Presently there are seven listed tobacco companies in Pakistan which constitute as the organized sector of. Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited was incorporated in immediately after independence, when it took over the business of the Imperial Tobacco Company of British India which had been operational in the South Asia since Headquarters: Islamabad, Pakistan.

Tobacco industry in Pakistan

Tobacco Inndustry in Pakistan Essay Tobacco Industry in Pakistan A SWOT Analysis The Tobacco Industry The tobacco industry is a source of revenues, employment and foreign exchange for the country.

The industry has to pay very high excise and sales tax while complying with various strict rules and regulations of the government. Tobacco industry activities in Pakistan, – 6 Methodology The research methodology employed in this analysis is an iterative examination of.

In the year plantation of Virginia tobacco started in the country and slowly reached its peak of production by producing 80 million pound crop of Virginia tobacco and Pakistan became the fifth largest producer of all types of tobacco in the world with the total production of million pounds in

Tobacco inndustry in pakistan
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Tobacco industry in Pakistan - Tobacco Facts. Cigarettes Smoking Effects. Tobacco News.