Star wars vs star treck

The Force Awakens is hitting theaters Dec. So I started to gather a list of the sizes of various science fiction ships. Let the battle commence. Still, Benedict Cumberbatch can bring the intensity like few actors of this or any other generation; seriously, the guy looks dangerously insane every time he opens his eyes.

Renaissancethe fan fiction series of which I was once a part. Have you guys seen that cool Audi commercial where they go head to head. It is still fun to play despite this. Which is actually better, the new "Star Trek" or the old "Star Trek".

What was with the whales. While Star Trek focuses on a pseudo-realistic future where science and understanding rule the day, Star Wars is more concerned with weaving a mythic tale that grabs you from its outset and never lets go.

Starting in the s, Lucas built up an entire time capsule there of unreleased media: Kirk is, and we have to say that Chris Pine has taken a character who had slipped a little bit into caricature over the years and made him fresh and vital again.

Specifically there was a recent one on tractor beams. I have been a fan of science fiction for more than twenty years, since my parents introduced me to Star Wars some time in Chris Pine This is probably the toughest to judge of all the match-ups.

Crossover comics notwithstandingthe characters never make voyages to other galaxies, though this is apparently due to a disturbance at the edge of the galaxy.

Wookieepedia suggests that he is human, but the Databank doesn't indicate a species, so he could very well be alien.

Anyways hope this will satisfy you guys until we can get 0. Kill Boredom with Star Wars If you are getting bored at the office or school or even at home and have got nothing else to do then Star Wars games are the best choice to kill boredom. And a question I posed to the Star Wars subreddit yielded mixed answers.

What a cop out. In the films, the characters travel among Tatooine, Alderaan, Yavin, Hoth, Dagobah, Bespin, Naboo, Coruscant, Mustafar, and Geonosis, and never does it seem as if months or even weeks have passed. There are a lot of games like card games, board games, online arcade games, MMPORG games, strategy games and even Star Wars puzzle games available online.

Get on your computer and start playing your Horror Games.

Star Trek vs Star Wars: the space battle that will never end

They are both great. SoA 2 "OS" is released. Which is the superior space opera, Star Wars or Star Trek. There are so many games present online that you simply cannot play them all even if you are the biggest fan of Star Wars.

View photos The added dimension of mysticism the Force brings to Star Wars makes it more than just another sci-fi story about aliens and spaceships. The UI is not finished so some buttons for them dont show up but you can still press them. View photos Kahn was certainly a despot, but he was never as purely evil as Vader was.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with In just seven movies plus two TV series, four theme parks, and mostly awful video gamesStar Wars managed to give us characters who were not only memorable but also fully formed.

The original theatrical cuts of the Star Wars films aren't the only thing languishing in the Lucasfilm vaults.

6 Reasons ‘Star Wars’ Is So Much Better Than ‘Star Trek’

Mapper Sep 14 '15 at. I have been a fan of science fiction for more than twenty years, since my parents introduced me to Star Wars some time in Since then, I’ve become obsessed to varying degrees with shows including Star Trek, Babylon 5, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, and others.

Star Trek vs. Star's the original nerd feud, the spawning point for every great clash of fandom that was to follow. On one side are orderly lines of Stormtroopers, Bobas Fett (the official plural of Boba Fett), and obese. The Star Trek Expanded Universe consists of the expected novels and videogames; these are somewhat infamous in many circles (compared to the Star Wars counterparts) for the casual disregard the producers of the shows often hold for them.

STAR TREK: THE CRUISE™ III is a Star Trek experience unlike any other this side of the Gamma Quadrant! This 6-day voyage on the spectacular Norwegian Jade provides you with unprecedented engagement with your favorite stars as well as being able to enjoy special Star Trek -themed shows, events, programs and parties.

Dec 11,  · Star Trek has had 13 movies, seven TV series, and mostly awful video games to inform its oeuvre — and yet Star Wars’ characters are still more relatable than Star Trek’s.

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Star wars vs star treck
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