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It was also thinner than the first, second, and third generation Nano, measuring The 6th generation iPod Nano had the same price point as the 5th generation device. It was also claimed to be highly recyclable. Firstly, the apps now take up the whole screen, one at a time.

Apple announced the seventh and final generation iPod Nano on September 12, The six previous colors silver, black, mint, turquoise, berry red, and rose pink were replaced by silver, black, purple, light blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and pink, for a total of nine, although the Product Red color was only available directly from Apple website and retail stores.

On October 6,Apple released a firmware update 1.

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The introduction of the Nano received much media attention due to its low price of 1 lakh rupees Rs. Built in mic, FM recording, Text document viewer are nice additions. It has been described as the "thinnest iPod Nano yet". January 15, saw the release of version 1.

In JulyTata's Group chairman Ratan Tata, who retired in Januarysaid that the car had immense potential in the developing world while admitting that early opportunities were wasted due to initial problems.

It had a curved aluminum shell and glass screen the glass screen being held in place with nothing but the shell. As a consequence, asthmatic attacks, sinus, tuberculosis, skin and eye allergies are common diseases suffered by Canadians.

Therefore, the fifth generation iPod Nano used a different Apple Universal Dock insert than the fourth generation. Three more background images were also added. Last week, I got to play with 6th gen nano and felt the display very very cramped and the player worthless.

iPod Nano (7th Generation) Review

Apple is the kind of company that generally does release a new generation of its products at least once per year, every year, and the fourth-gen iPod nano was indeed a pretty modest improvement over the third-gen nano. Apple rated the third- and fourth- gen batteries at five and four hours of video playback, respectively, but you could easily start getting low battery warnings after two hours or less.

The glass layer is gorilla glass, which is very strong and scratch resistant as can be seen here. Sorry, no return of the camera. In fact at first, at 3. The battery lasted for approx.

Sync with your iTunes to store podcasts, audiobooks and playlists of songs to suit every occasion and mood.

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Apple has finally made a significant improvement to battery life with the fifth generation, but they are still up against some tough design limitations, and if you need extra-long battery life, you will probably still need to use an external backup battery or other charger.

That's right, it's more miniature than the iPod mini, and the display is color. Apple has now released the new fifth-generation nano, and they are well aware that the nano line needed a major new feature in order to avoid being brushed off as a minor update, and Apple has answered that need by making the fifth-gen the first nano to include a video camera.

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Higher variants fitted with passenger side ORVM from onwards. Apple simply made the screen shut off after a minute. On the Home screen, tap Settings, and then tap About. Advertisement To The Fifth Power The camera is a cool addition to the iPod nano, but it is first and foremost a media player.

This is one of the few devices that have killer looks and monstrous feature-set. The earlier models can be updated to use the new software, as well. Comparison with the Marutithe Tata Nano's closest competitor:. The nano was designed to replace the iPod mini with the features of that of the ipod photo (iPod 4th Gen).

And I must say it did quite well right up until the 5th gen. The 6th gen I hear it makes.

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Every time you think it’s impossible to make improvements to Author: Jonathan Bray. Apple iPod Nano (Gen 6) Review. by Robert E. Calem on September 24, in Phones and Mobile, Portable Players, iPods & MP3 Players.

Now in its sixth generation, the Apple iPod nano is the. Apple iPod Nano - Product Red (fifth generation, 16GB, red) mclla $ Apple iPod Nano (fifth generation, 16GB, yellow) mclla Apple iPod Nano (fifth generation, 8GB, yellow) mclla.

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Gens nano
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