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This increased level of precision is also helpful when you are using the rubber, or when you are connecting lines in conceptual maps. It really makes a huge difference when drawing and allows for more detailed work. In the image above, you see the Jot Pro next to a Targus stylus.

No problem to draw or point to the location that I want precisely. As I have discussed in another post, the current Jot Touch is based on Bluetooth 2 technologyand we have to wait for the next generation of Bluetooth 4 styluses to get palm rejection.

That means when you hover on the screen, a cursor will appear. A slit at the base of the stylus can be used as a means of attaching the stylus to somewhere secure when the device is not been used while a magnetic cap, at the other end, offers protection for the nib element when it is being stored during times of inactivity.

Adonit: Ink Pro - Fine Point Stylus (White)

It's important to note that this stylus only supports selected Surface products and Windows devices. Besides the dampening tip discussed above, it also adds pressure sensitivity to the mix. Once you are on the way with writing, however, this hard landing and the noise is a lesser issue.

The jitter may or may not be a problem depending on your usage. If you want to use the buttons to move slides around, you've to use Microsoft Powerpoint from what I've read. Other apps seem to handle it differently.

The thin and clear disc gives you the accuracy you want in a digital pen. As usual, the build quality is top notch thanks to brushed aluminum body. While most of the barrel body of the Pro3 stylus is smooth, an area near the head or tip of the stylus, positioned were many users will tend to grip this devices, has a textured ribbed effect to help when securely holding the stylus.

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I was able to join the lines easily and there's no misalignment. Red lines are from Adonit Ink Pro. Adonit Support Aug 19, Slight initial activation force is required to produce the thinnest of lines. If you require a bit more control, especially if you want to use the stylus for drawing, it might be good to apply a matte screen protector on your tablet.

Drawing performance, well, I would say the Surface Pen is more sensitive. Drawing performance Unfortunately for some reason, my Photoshop and Illustrator is super buggy so I wasn't able to test them with the stylus. That's the charging port on the back. Removing the magnetic cap will reveal the combination of dampering stylus tip and a non removable precision disc that provides the tactile connection.

So in order to use the bluetooth features, bluetooth will need to be turned on, and you need to use it with a compatible app. For the updated Jot Touch, Adonit has removed the disc at the tip that helped define its line of styli, and its black or white anodized aluminum body is sleeker and more refined as a result.

Adonit Pro 3 For $ Shop with a budget at Adonit to get discounts on Computer Accessories when shop at Save big bucks w/ this offer: Adonit pro 3 for $ Adonit is a company that got into the stylus game early, debuting its first stylus on Kickstarter in The Adonit Jot was one of the first styluses to incorporate a thin plastic precision disc.

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The Pro 3 Stylus from Adonit is a slim, anodized-aluminum stylus crafted with a built-in clip, a textured grip, and a precision disc tip measuring 9mm in diameter. Moreover, it has Price: $ The most precise basic stylus for writing and drawing on the iPad, the Adonit Jot Pro has an innovative precision disc to create an exact contact point with .

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